Synopsis of SAC’s Strategic Planning

As shown above, organizational and competitive strategies are the basis for our marketing strategy and the ongoing marketing planning which follows.  Our strategies and planning for the functional areas of finance, human resources and technology are developed to support our marketing strategies and plans.  The culmination of this planning sequence is an annual agency plan which aligns with goals relative to our mission and our stakeholders.

Organizational Strategy

SAC’s Businesses

We operate in two distinct product-markets:  prevention and recovery.  Accordingly, we manage two separate strategic business units, recognizing that there is one area of overlap between the two; that is, drug testing.  Accordingly, we are diversified.  Allocation of funds to the separate businesses is largely determined by our funding sources who specify how their monies are to be used.

Our mission is to reduce the impact of substance misuse and other behavioral health disorder in Indian River County, through prevention, education, treatment, and recovery support.  Toward that end, we offer four programs each with a broad goal associated with achieving our mission.

SWOT Analyses and Stakeholders.

We continually evaluate what is happening internally and in the environment with eye for maintaining and/or leveraging our strengths, improving on our weaknesses, exploiting opportunities and minimizing threats. 

Currently, we have identified twenty-four stakeholder groups, some of which we rely on as referral sources of clients.

Competitive Strategy

SAC focuses on three dimensions of competitive strategies:

  • We differentiate our organization and offerings from other organizations in IRC, and we focus on well-defined market segments.
  • We strive to maintain what we have already achieved, while looking for new growth opportunities.
  • For new opportunities we look to three product-market combinations: market penetration, market development, and new products development.

Note:  In addition to implementing competitive strategies, we embrace a cooperative/collaborative strategy.  For example, SAC is the lead agency in Substance Abuse-Free Indian River (SAFIR), and a partner in the Tobacco Free Partnership of IRC.

Marketing Strategy 

We have developed matrices to evaluate opportunities on the continuum of recovery from substance abuse, and opportunities pertaining to substance misuse prevention.  We have chosen key stakeholder groups to target with our marketing efforts, and we will create unique combinations of the marketing mix elements (product/service, price, place, and promotion) designed to influence the targeted groups.

SAC has determined that there are five service dimensions that distinguish us from other prevention and recovery services operating in IRC.  We have positioned our agency as the community leader in prevention and recovery and promoted the theme that “Recovery Works” and “Prevention Works.”

Financial Resource Strategy

SAC has a diversified funding strategy which seeks to maximize the number of funding categories pursued (eight distinct sources), while focusing on two key sources:  income earned from services provided and government.  These two have been major funding sources throughout the history of SAC.

We are committed to earning income from our services.  Currently we rank #3 among United Way of IRC-funded agencies, based on the percentage of our total annual revenue derived from services provided.  Our goal is to remain among the top three.  Our other funding goals are to receive clean annual audits from our auditing firm, and to maintain cash reserves equal to approximately four months of operating expenses.

Human Resource Strategy

SAC places a high value on human capital and its uniqueness.  To the extent possible, our strategy is to develop human capital internally.  We embrace the practice of succession planning.  We strongly encourage staff members to become licensed or certified in their chosen career field.  We monitor our progress in our human resource endeavors based on measures described in our Performance Improvement Program.

Technological Resource Strategy

To achieve our mission, SAC’s strategy is to acquire technological products and services as they are needed and shown to be effective and efficient.  Essentially, these goods and services include communication equipment, computer hardware and software, and drug lab equipment.  Our willingness to acquire technology resources will be based on risk assessment and cost-benefit calculations.  As part of our Performance Improvement Program we continuously review the elements of our Strategic Technology Plan.